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Environmental program combined to biodegradabilty brings us the ability to offer excellent cleaning qualities with green values.

Our patented technology ensures that you can use tomorrows qualities today.

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Oy Faintend Ltd

Oy Faintend Ltd is based on 1997 in Salo, Finland. Technochem company focuses on Fain-technology and special Fain-surfactant mixture. We have developed a modern technology to produce Fain-surfactants. Fain-technology is patented internationally.

Among our patents lies also special Fain-surfactant mixture that is universal, flexible and ecological product. Company history holds R&D for several years with participation from Tampere Technical University, Turku University materials unit and various other professionals and customers.

We wish to serve our customers in person. We focus on fullfilling the best result for specific customer without forgetting ecological effect and business point of view. Continuous improvement guides us.


We focus on developing our products to meet our customers demands.

Environmental Program

Faintend work continously improving ecological aspects of their products.

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With green values towards the future

Oy Faintend Ltd is focused on developing sustainable development products that are friendly to both nature and user. 

Our basic values are:

  • User focus and flexible service
  • Professionalism and knowledge
  • Business centric points of view
  • High quality products, environment and safety
  • Confidentiality
  • Constant renewal attitude

You have now taken a step towards to future of the cleanliness. We wish you welcome to browse our site.