Rapidly biodegradable and fully water-soluble GREENFAIN saves water resources, energy, time and money – and does not harm the environment.


By using GREENFAIN, the consumption of irrigation water can be reduced by as much as 30-40 %.

Greenfain ensures an effective water penetration into the soil. Enhanced infiltration and penetration ensures the delivery of soil directed inputs and reduces the amount of water lost to run-off or evaporation. Greenfain provides great water penetration, even water spread through the rootzone and improves the water holding capacity of rootzones.
It makes plants, lawns and crops greener and stronger – while using less water! A reduced need for irrigation water is an especially big benefit in many parts of the world, where the shortage of water is getting worse every day.
 The use of Greenfain with irrigation water also reduces erosion and is suitable for both manual and automated irrigation methods.

Greenfain does not harm plants and it does not leave any harmful residues in the ground. Neither does it cause irritation to users’ skin or breathing; it does not include soap-based surfactants, alcohol or organic solvents and is fully water-soluble. Quickly biodegradable GREENFAIN  can also be used in irrigation of ash, coal, slag and other porous substances and to make rain water ponds soak quickly into the ground.

Greenfain applications


When used over the course of a growing season, Greenfain has the potential to greatly increase irrigation and fertilizer efficiency for growers and reduce overall water and fertilizer costs. The increase in moisture and nutrient delivery improves growing environment, especially in harsh growing conditions and poor quality soils.


Greenfain facilitates the uptake of water during initial wetting and optimises the movement of water in the substrate which improves the re-wetting of over-dry plants. Greenfain allows water to spread more easily and evenly for example in the peat substrate.

Golf course

Greenfain helps surface water penetrate quickly and maintain year round playing surfaces, providing also a drier surface in wet conditions. Greenfain helps to maximize the effectiveness of irrigation treatments and sssists with flushing of carbonates and salts from rootzones.

Green space

Irrigation of public green areas and flower beds can be labour intensive yet areas in the public eye need to be well kept.  As the soil absorbs moisture, plants and turf will get the precious water they need. Water is critical, but keeping moisture distributed in the root zone over extended periods of time is even more important for combating environmental stresses. Greenfain will help you keeping irrigation and labour costs in control simultaneously improving the wellbeing of green spaces.

GREENFAIN WP3 laboratory test

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