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Licencing the Fain Technology

The unique, cost-effective Fain technology can be licensed and used anywhere in the world.

Innovations that help save water are greatly needed. This is especially the case in the Middle East and in other warm countries around the world. There is shortage of water and this shortage is getting worse every day. Faintend has been cooperating with universities and research centres in Finland for several years and a number of different test and analysis reports on the Fain technology and Fain products are available (COST, OECD 301E, ISO862, AISE/EC, OECD405, VTT, REACH). In Finland, Oy Faintend Ltd has gained recognition for both its quality/environmental system and its innovative products.

No emissions or effluents are caused by the production of Fain products, and the surface active agents of our products are rapidly and easily biodegradable, in accordance with EU regulations.  The patented Fain technology supports effective and economic production, and is easily scalable to allow appropriately sized production. The result is an irrigation system that assures more greenery and more plant life while using less water! The unique Fain technology saves natural resources, time and money.

Faintend is currently developing a mobile production unit. With this we will soon be able to transport the production of the Greenfain WP3 special surfactant directly to the regions where it is used. The raw materials and the production unit can be transported to targeted areas which leads to a reduction in logistical costs. The mobile production unit is powered by solar panels, which further reduces costs. Built in a 40-foot insulated container, the mobile production unit includes a full laboratory. Wireless communication makes it possible to supervise and control the production via a mobile phone from anywhere in the world.