Fain Metaltend

Fain Metaltend is intended for metal industries where a minimized surface tension of cooling-, condensation-, or hardening water, is required. It is used, for example, as an additive in basin water when cooling copper, steel or other metals. This treatment improves the quality of the produced metal products by reducing effervescence during boiling and thereby preventing the formation of oxide layers on the metal surfaces. Fain Metaltend is a completely water-soluble, easily bio-degradable, and ecological product. Fain Metaltend does not include soap-based surfactants and therefore endures and stays effective at both high and low temperatures. Furthermore, the product does not undergo hydration reactions at extreme conditions.

Fain Metaltend Wash

Fain Metaltend Wash MT is completely water-soluble, easily biodegradable ecological surfactant for the metal industry. It is totally free from soap-based tensides /surfactants and it is stable towards both high and low temperatures without losing its chemical integrity. Moreover, the product is not hydrolyzed even at harsh conditions. It does not contain organic solvents. The product is suitable for removing drawing oils, protective greases and residues of antifriction graphite products from the surfaces of tubes or other materials (for example copper, steel) in metalworking industry. The product is to be added to the washing water of wash basins, or as a detergent in washers used in washing tubes.

Fain Bioactive 100

Fain Bioactive is a new type of microemulsion manufactured from natural fatty acid esters. The product is based on a Finnish and patented Fain technology and Fain surfactant mixture. Fain Bioactive is a new alternative for traditional hydrocarbon solvents. Fain Bioactive 100 is a effective degreaser and it removes bitumen (asphalt), tar, resin and soot from heavy work machines (ex. asphalt machines, hauling equipment, trailers, etc.), floors in workshops and dirty surfaces. Fain Bioactive removes marking pen scribblings.

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Fabric and facade impregnators

Our impregnators are water based and odorless. We offer protective impregnators for various purposes. They can be used for protecting textiles, tarpaulins, furniture and even to protect building facades.

Surface tension removes

We offer a range of surface tension removes for the industry, agriculture, and firefighting.
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All our products are 100% biodegradable and highly efficient even in small amounts.
All products are based on our FAIN technology.


FAIN 3 and FAIN 1 are REACH registered surfactants, made in Finland and based on our FAIN technology. REACH registration sets extremely tough requirements for chemicals to ensure the safety of the products.
Fain 3 is an anionic surfactant developed by Oy Faintend Ltd. This surfactant is the very essence of the Fain technology and we use in, practically, all our applications. The unique properties of Fain 3 makes it especially suitable for household detergents because of its gentle action on the skin.
The Fain 1 surfactant mixture is based on the Fain 3 anionic surfactant and it is developed for shower gels, shampoos, liquid hand dishwash detergents, and laundry detergents. It contains both anionic- and non-ionic surfactants, and the effect is boosted using selected co-surfactants.


Fain washing detergents ( Color/Whites / Silk & Wool), hand dishwasher, all purpose- and floor cleaners.

Fain washing detergent preserves the colors and bulkiness of the materials. Fain detergents are gentle for users and fibers and efficient towards dirt on hard surfaces.
The product does not include zeolite, phosphate, enzymes, bleaching agents or rinsing aid.
Fain washing detergents are based on Fain technology and Fain surfactant mixture.

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