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The compact entry-level Faintend machine is extremely flexible: it can be automated and designed based on your production needs. Quick and cost-effective with affordable raw materials, small use of space with a substantial production capacity. Fully automated and remotely controllable which is build almost ready to use. Manpower requirements depend on the level of automation and safety requirements.

The production unit is easily movable and scalable to your production needs. It is build to fit in a sea container and therefore build to be almost ready to use.

This obviously decreases cost of shipment and labor and ensures the quality of the unit.


600 cm


250 cm


250 cm


3500 kg

Consumption values:

  • Electricity used per process: Some 5kw per hour
  • Average power input of active phase 120 Pkw.
  • 24kW solarpower system ( 40 panels).
  • Water consumption per production: 400 liters.

Production and manpower:

  • Max production capacity:  2000kg per working day.
  • Amount of manpower needed: 1-2 people.

Process description




Faintend software ensures you save time and produce effectively. 

Transparent and efficient – these will become characteristics of your production thanks to automated processes. Employees can concentrate on their core tasks and customers can trust you as a reliable supplier.

The interaction of the machines with automation and software is also becoming more and more important for a sustainable factory. High technology from Finland with Siemens user system ensures you will get help wherever your plant might situate. Wireless communication makes it possible to supervise and control the production via a mobile phone from anywhere in the world.


Complementary systems are available

Depending on your demands and requirements, we can offer various complementary systems in order to set up the most optiomal production unit for the needs of your market. 

Water recycling

Although production is economical considering the use of water, we want to ensure none of the resources used in the production go to waste. 

Solar panel

Solar panel electrified system with the best in class solar panels from a high tech Finnish company, Solar Finland. 


Properly utilized, solar energy is an excellent backup power source that, in the event of a power outage, secures your company’s critical systems. However, depending on your location and possibilities, solar energy can be viable option as a main source of energy.

Water is our
most valuable
natural resource.

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