Faintend cherishes green values and is committed to protecting them, not just on paper, but in all of its activities. This means producing eco-friendly and, in all respects, safe and high quality products.

In this manner, we are not only acting responsibly to protect the environment and people’s health but also ensuring the safety of our operations and products.

Founded 1997, Oy Faintend Ltd is based in Salo, Finland.  The company focuses on the internationally patented Fain technology, which is used in the manufacture of Fain surfactant mixture. Fain surfactant mixture, is a universal, flexible and ecological product.

For several years the company has participated in collaborative R&D with Tampere Technical University, Turku University materials unit and various other specialists. Manufacturing technology is led by environmental values. There are no emissions to ground or surface water, air or soil. We focus on making user-friendly products with first class qualities.

Faintend is part of a family owned conglomera with various businesses. One of these companies is Solar Finland, a high tech company specialized in both Solar panel manufacturing as well as automated solar panel production unit design and manufacturing.

We co-operate with engineering expertise and can offer solar panel energized production units for great value with panels made to last.

Both Faintend and Solar Finland are determined to be the best in its field, co-operate to remain innovative by creating new products and solutions, and to set industry standards for product quality, sustainability and energy production. In the end, we strive to make both solar energy and Greenfain available there where it is mostly needed.

Oy Faintend Ltd has received the President of Finland’s Innosuomi diploma for setting an example in innovation. 

Water is our
most valuable
natural resource.

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